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Welcome to Michel Witschi - your all-round angel!

Hello, I am Michel Witschi, your competent contact for a wide range of activities that make your everyday life easier and more beautiful.

Whether it's garden maintenance, clearance operations or transport and disposal tasks, I am always ready to ensure that your property is always in top condition with expertise and reliability.

Michel Witschi is the all-round angel who combines specialist knowledge and simplicity in one person. We will work with you to not only make your everyday life more pleasant, but also to make it a little more beautiful. Trust in my service and let us realize your projects together with success and satisfaction.

Delicate Fabric

Customer experiences

After moving, we were faced with the huge task of clearing out the old house. Michel came and took an enormous burden off our shoulders. Everything was done quickly with a quick pace and an organized approach. We are more than satisfied with his professional and efficient way of working.

Thomas Lüscher

We commissioned Michel for transport and disposal tasks. He proved to be extremely reliable and thorough, which saved us a lot of stress. Thanks to his help, we were able to focus on other important things. A service provider who does what he promises, and always with a smile.

Max Johnson

Michel helped us with some crafts. He was just good: practical, skillful and friendly. He got things done quickly without compromising on quality. We will call him again and again.

Andreas Fux

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